1 thought on “Case study: Heritage Builders

  1. integrityjb

    I am motivated to do business to truly make this world a better place and for the legacy we leave. I don’t get up just to do a job, or just to make money; never have and never will. Therefore, I chose to allocate my energy to do things that I love and that are purposeful. When I conduct business I feel accountable for how I act, how I communicate and how I can inspire others. I am motivated to do things that make a difference for others and with others. I am motivated working with innovators, leaders, people who challenge the status quo and are not stuck in “this has worked for 20 years, there is no need to change”. I am motivated to work with people who take pride regardless of their role or position within the organization, as we need everyone to take accountability for their role with honor and dedication. I am motivated to build businesses, to help build businesses, to address the challenges of growth, scalability, sustainability and culture. I am motivated to do business to connect with different minds and people; to build communities, partnerships and connect to other communities and groups; to expand my lens and the lens of others; to create opportunities for others and to expand our possibilities as human beings. I do not get up to do business to take a short cut but rather to wisely think with others how to be as efficient as we can be in tackling an issue or an opportunity. I am motivated to do business to tap in the pool of creativity, ingenuity, talent and diversity by working collaboratively with others.


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