CEOs on twitter

A recent Wall Street Journal article on CEOs using twitter raised some interesting points.

My biggest concern and point I would like to raise is that is you are so scared of what your CEO is going to share on Twitter then I think you have one of two problems

  1. Your CEO should not be your CEO if he does not have the common sense as to what to share in a public place for the world to see
  2. If you are worried that your CEO will release your dirty secrets onto social networks then maybe you should fix the way you do those things as a business so that you do not have to worry about him/her saying things they shouldn’t

If your CEO says he is too busy to use Twitter then he is saying he doesn’t see the point of having an open communication channel with his customers. Let them carry on sitting in their own little protected bubble for a bit longer.

In the USA 34% of people are on Twitter and 50% are on Facebook. How comes out of the Fortune 500 CEOs only 4% are on Twitter and 8% on Facebook?


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