I believe honesty, openness and transparency will make the world of business a better place for all.

I use this site to document the things I have gathered and share knowledge about how the world of business could benefit from a more honest, open and transparent way of doing business.

Over time I hope to curate enough ideas and evidence to convince the biggest skeptic as to how these values will revolutionise the fundamentals of business as we know it. Creating a business model for tomorrow, not constrained by tradition of years gone by.

Thanks for your support.

Chris Heffer




2 thoughts on “About

  1. integrityjb

    Chris, I command you for starting this blog. I believe that we all need to be honest, open and transparent in all aspects of our lives and with the people around us through all our communication and actions. It begins with each one of us. Just imagine how each day can unfold if we all committed to be transparent. We need to mean what we say and we must be open to help others with authenticity, not because we are positioning ourselves but because we simply care. This past week I have helped, mentored and coached a number of people in different positions and it felt great to see them have breakthroughs. It feels really good to help people overcome obstacles and become who they feel they can be. It is a tough economy and even if it was a great economy, a lot of people are not fulfilled in their jobs and in their lives. So when you connect with them, be real. Don’t be afraid to support others, to be of help and to offer your whole self to see them realize their own goals. They will be uplifted and so will you. What a way to start your weekend

    1. Chris Heffer Post author

      Thank you for your support. I hope people like you can help share the ideas and values of this site and take it to the masses. It will only be successful if people from all walks of business can come together and agree a way forward that benefits everyone involved.


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